The Works Cited Page

The works-cited page is the final page after the good copy of a paper. This page only lists the works that were referred to or quoted from in the paper.

-Last name and page number of paper goes in the top right corner.
-Centre and type Works Cited (12 point font, no bolding, underlining, or italicizing. Choose an easily readable type such as Times New Roman.)
- Each work must have a separate entry.
external image mla-style-manual-and-guide-to-scholarly-publishing.jpg

- All entries are ordered alphabetically by the authors’ last names.
(If there is no author, use the first letter of the title.)
(Ignore the words A, An, and The for alphabetization.)
-All entries begin at the left margin. Do not use numbers.
-All carry-over lines after the initial line are to be tabbed once.
-All entries are double spaced.

Example Work Cited Page

Entry Format
Each entry has its own format. Consult an MLA guide for the specific entry information.

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